July 3, 2010



    On July 3rd, 2010, impressive dignitaries from far away lands will converge in an obscure town called Joplin, Missouri.

    Friends, family and fun will fly in from afar to witness an emotional and unexpected moment: The first marriage in history between a boy from Joplin and a girl from Cali, Colombia.

    Fun will be imported from all over the world, including the Caribbean Islands, New York City, Texas, Canada, Chicago, multiple locations in South America, and the Phillippines. All attendees will bask in nonstop traditional Colombian, Country and Hip-Hop music, intense salsa dancing, spectacular up-lights and spotlights, rustic aguardiente, southern cooking, live performances, all-night contests, and more.

    This isn't just a wedding. This is Worldwide Destiny.


    We can't wait to eat, drink, dance, and party with you on July 3rd. But until then, this website is where you can get all the details you need. If you don't see what you need, then wait a few days--or, just give us a call.